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. >>> there was a whole lot of monkey business in a texas courtroom yesterday. the woman showed up with her two monkeys at a hearing to prove that they actually belong to her. the cute pint-sized primates dressed in polka-dots for their day. >> another woman claimed ownership of the monkeys. she didn't show up. daisy and kiko returned home with their owner. what is she pushing them in? >> stroller/cage thing. cute little fellows. again they're not, you know, debate whether you should have pets like that. we'll continue that. 21 states ban keeping primates as the pets. not texas. kiko and daisy are fine. [ monkey sounds ] >>> coming up, how some olympic athletes were born to win. >> what was the sound effect again? [ monkey sounds ] >>> and the feud dividing michael jackson's family and what the courts have to say about it. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ got to be starting something ♪ you want to be starting something you got to be starting something ♪ is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kil
in the ninth a little bit there but you have to go out and try to 'split the series tomorrow. >> a's in texas. malone on the mound. struck out the side in the first. six strikeouts in five innings. chris carter called up from the minors yesterday where he hit a home run. does the same today. solo shot just clears the wall. adrian beltre ties it up with someone wing of the bat. a 1-1-ball game. instance -- kinsler, bloop singer. a run scores. josh hamilton, five-run fifth. rangers win 7-2. texas the first team to reach 50 wins this season. >> let's switch gears, tennis, cycling and golf, tiger woods had quite a round after the storm of the center back east. stick hey, your high speed internet here at home... and on the go... ...with some really big news. it's b-i-g, big. high speed internet from at&t at home... includes wi-fi access on the go -- whoo-hoo! it's an unbelievable deal. it's an unbelievable deal. [ both chuckle ] well, gotta go! but, wait, there's more! [ female announcer ] go to the website below today and get high speed internet for the unbelievably low price of just $14.95 a mon
. >> and tonight a texas graduate student is recovering after he was attacked by chimpanzees in south africa. andrew overly was on tour of a sanctuary when he was attacked leaving him with severe cuts and broken bones. he crossed a small fence and he got too close to the enclosure. >> it's about saving people. he was fiercely struggling not to be pulled into the enclosure. as far as we can tell he was not dragged in all the way. he was partially lodged underneath. >> he was pummeled in what may have been a case of monkeys defending their territory. one witness say he may have been trying to take a rock away from a chimp. >> now to an update. back in may. there has been a surge of calls to poison control centers after children ate colorful packets of laundry detergent. the company has promised to make changes. but have they? >> it's bright bite-sized and to her son it might have looked like candy. that is what her mother and a half was eating. >> i thought they got into the candy and they were eating candy. >> minutes after it bursted in her mouth she had severe vomiting and diarrhea. >> you
. >>> investigators in texas are faced with the grim task of trying to identify the 14 people killed in a truck accident. the men, women and children, carried toothbrushes, toothpaste, changes of socks and underwear but no i.d. the truck crashed in southern texas. federal agents want to know if the victims were smuggled in from mexico. >>> a workman has admitted that he set fires that caused $400 million in damages to a navy submarine in dry dock at a maine ship yard. he told in
fireworks accompanied by the explosion of illegal m-80s and texas sized bottle rockets. the big concern is fire in this densely populated area but oakland has taken two of the crucial engine companies out ofg service tonight as part of a cost saving measure. station three in west oakland and station 23 on foothill boulevard do not have trucks that carry water. earlier today, they rolled on a fireworks related roof fire without water but the back-up plan worked. firefighters are patrolling the city tonight and here is what they heard and saw. >>> sound like a war zone out there, but so far tonight, there have been no other fireworks related fires to report, but there is a lot of illegal gunshots that go off and tonight the oakland police department says it upgraded the high-tech spot shoter and they can detect the difference between fireworks and gunshots. people that negligently discharge guns is a priority but so far no reports of arrests. they say they will release those numbers tomorrow if there are any. what has become an illegal tradition in oakland continues but so far no major ap
>> jimmy: huey lewis and joe cocker! if you are in dallas, texas tomorrow night, you can see them i want to thank charlie sheen, nicole "snooki" polizzi. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time. good night, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey, there's barely a line at space mountain. you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow ! yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move. disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon. >>> "abc 7 news" has confirmed that san jose police have found a car belonging to a man that killed two people on on north 7th street. >> the car was found abandoned. they believe they shot two people in a domestic violence dispute. >> medina is still on the run. he is believed to be in southern california. his black maxima was towed and now being held in evidence. >> we'll bring you updates as the that story develops.
flowing. there was a deadly lightning strike in texas. two men died and a third tried to take cover during a storm in the middle of a soccer game. >> i looked to my left and i could see the lightning strike hit the top of the tree and go down to the ground. >> forecasters are predicting even more 100 descre temperatures for the east coast this week. >> >> federal and san francisco investigators are trying to figure out how someone cut into a secure communications facility. it is a bunker between the two towers on twin peaks. vandals cut a small portion of the chain link fence surrounding the facility. the cables were cut, but the person never got inside. >> all of the vital cities were not impacted. >> it is one of the broadcast points for police, fire and other city crews radio communications. because of that the fin was called in, but the sfpd is handling the investigation. officials will not say how the security breech happened. >>> protesters are refusing to give up on their fight to keep some oakland schools open. today they held another demonstration. abc7 news reporter january alsto
gets another chance on the third playoff hole. this time he buries it. to texas and check this out between the rangers and the twins. >> a huge thunder clap in arlington had the players scrambling for the dug out. football player s who have stayed where they were. nobody was hurt. this is abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. you lived in texas, you know. when it strikes you need to get under it. >> football players standing by the posts, you run faster. >> thanks, shu. >>> still ahead, a look back at the career of ernest borgnine. >> and politicians lay blame for the recession. >> and don't forget, if you like abc7 news on facebook, you can make a difference for bay area foster kids. for every new like $1 goes to the campaign >>> good evening. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm alan wang. at least five people have been wounded in a shooting outside the regal movie theater outside jack london square. it happened before 9:30 in oakland. none of the injuries life-threatening. >> it has been a day of fires in the bay area. this one burned 20 acres of brush in bay point. firef
electric fence and warning 26-year-old texas graduate student and drew overly was well aware of having volunteered here for his second time. which is why it's unclear why he entered the no go area where he was attacked by 2 male chimp. it lasted around 20 minutes before staff was able to scare them off. this is as close as we can get to the scene of the attack. it's still being investigated. but the park board says the chimp were reacting to what they saw as breach of their territory. this wasn't a freak act of aggression. sought chimp won't be euthanized. they are territorial and also 7 times stronger than humans. animal planet escape the chimp eden director cousins was training to train chimp but had to pepper spray an aggressive one. after 6 hours of surgery, overly tonight remains in an induced coma. broken arm and torn ligaments. also lost fingers and toe. today his parents flew in from the u.s. to be with him. >> he's still sedated. he's very seriously ill as we know. but having said that he is stable. >>reporter: as for those 2 chimp they soon calm down and exhibiting
. eighth of the season. a's scored 40 runs in the last four fames. only three and a half back of texas. they go the sweep in baltimore on sunday. >>> family day for the giants players, the kids on the field. fun. playing the documenters. -- dodgers. matt kemp. triple shy of she cycle. zito allows four runs in five. in the seventh, ugly. ellis crushes one to left. eighth of the season. 5-0 dodgers. yesterday's hero, hanley ram's, in the seventh, dours between the gap. prinze home matt kemp. ramirez, three rbis-dodgers crush the giantses 10-0. >> we're going to have games like this. you look like you're flat, and that usually goes when you don't hit. we need a spark somewhere. somebody driving in a run or doing something, and we're missing that in the last couple of days. >> it's the major leagues. nothing is easy here. so, we're excited to come down to it and we're almost to august. we're excited to come down to the wire, and fight it out for the next two months. >> mike: earthquakes hosting the chicago fire oning wig day. ross from outside the box. eighth minute of stoppage time. lenh
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10